The Delta Collective hosts a number of regular events in Central London for performers and creators alike, to inspire, connect and support.


We are offering a FREE Scene Study session for anyone who has never attended Scene Study before - 1st December, 7pm (Waterloo/Southbank location). Simply email us to register.

Scene Study

Every Monday, 10am - 1pm | Next: 27th NOVEMBER 2017
£5 per session

Venue: The Rosemary Branch
2 Shepperton Rd, Haggerston
London N1 3DT

Scene Study is a practical, peer-facilitated workshop designed to give actors, writers and directors a playful, focused space to work on scenes or monologues, and stay sharp. 

These drop-in sessions are particularly helpful for actors who are preparing for upcoming auditions, showcases, or have a self tape to film. Scene Study is a chance to show your monologue or scene, receive notes from other performers, and rehearse in a studio environment, or even get a partner to help you film your self-tape. We start with a full vocal and physical warmup, and then workshop each piece.

Our regulars say: 

"Thank you for being such open and professional leaders--I can see why a collective came together. I so appreciated how supportive and constructive the room was--the perfect mix of fun yet serious work happening."  

"Breakthrough morning times with The Delta Collective. Heart glowing in my chest for the rest of Monday :)"

"I left my first experience of Scene Study thoroughly inspired ... Thanks to all involved for a highly constructive and playful morning!"

"Lovely energy and collaborative approach"

Autumn/Winter 2017 dates left:

  • 27th November
  • 4th December
  • 11th December

Book a drop-in session

Scene Study is not for profit - the £5 contribution is to cover room fees. We are unable to cover all costs ourselves, so all bookings attract a 20p booking fee. The minimum number of sessions you are able to book is 3. If you would like to book more sessions in one go, please email us