scene study


All actors of all ages and levels are welcome to join our weekly Scene Study class!

This is a drop in, 3 hour session where you can stay sharp by working on audition pieces, monologues, scenes, solo pieces, and anything else you want to bring. You can also show up empty handed, and we will assign you a fun cold read from our collection of plays. Most people attend weekly to get the full benefit of a regular acting practice, but you can come and go as you like.

Each session begins with a full physical warm up, dancing and movement, and then we workshop each person’s piece as a group. The room is incredibly warm, supportive, playful, and inspiring. Our mantra is: no apologies! We want you to be your most truthful, uninhibited, glorious selves and take up all the space you need.

Scene Study is a welcoming space for actors of all shapes, sizes, genders, and backgrounds. We will do whatever we can to make you feel safe and supported - please speak to us ahead of time if you have anything you’d like to discuss and we can make sure we have your correct pronouns, etc.

Scene Study is returning in Autumn 2019 - new dates announced soon!

COST: £5


Single Class

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The Delta Collective
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Please note - as of 2019, we no longer take cash payments on the day. You will need to pay via Paypal or Bank Transfer before the class begins.

Such a great initiative and a very valuable safe space.
— Darcey

Thank you for being such open and professional leaders — I can see why a collective came together. I so appreciated how supportive and constructive the room was — the perfect mix of fun yet serious work happening
— Christina

Breakthrough morning times with The Delta Collective. Heart glowing in my chest for the rest of Monday
— Benjamin


You meet the Delta girls once and you’re in the club, so very needed in this lonely industry.


Love how astute you girls are at choosing cold reads for people, and your knowledge of current theatre - such an asset to the sessions.

^  Scene Study is not for profit, and the £5 per class charge is to cover room hire and insurance. There is a 50p booking fee on all Paypal transactions to help us cover Paypal and bank charges. If you would like a breakdown, please get in touch, we are more than happy to be transparent!