The Delta Collective is a collaborative group of performers and creators spanning all aspects of the theatre and film industries. We are passionate about connecting you to like-minded peers from all walks of life.

We exist to connect creators and performers to each other and to professional-level workshops, advice and guidance from industry professionals, and to help them discover new ways of working. 

The Delta Collective makes and funds original, sexy, social-justice minded work that focuses on relevant world issues and bringing classic narratives into the contemporary world through marginalised voices. 

We facilitate high calibre workshops with film and theatre industry professionals on topics from Chekhov, to film production, to digital integration in theatre. 

You can also attend our infamous Brunch Club to drink delicious coffee, eat some lush food, and meet other like minded practitioners. Our performers and creatives come along to share experiences, advice, and find people to connect and work with. 

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