Terms and Conditions

Our Contact Hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 10am – 6pm
Weekends only if there is a workshop being offered: 10am - 5pm
Not available on Sundays or Bank Holidays

Please e-mail deltacollectivelondon@gmail.com. A note on emails: It may not be possible to respond immediately, as we are a small team of volunteers who receive a large volume of emails, please be patient with us - we do return all emails in good time! 

By booking a course, class, showcase, event, workshop or by registering with The Delta Collective it is implied that you accept the Terms and Conditions on this page which are applied to the services offered and thereby you are agreeing to be compliant with the following information without further notification or agreement. 

Seminars, showcases, workshops and classes are for educational and networking purposes only and DO NOT suggest, infer or imply an offer of security or suggest opportunities for casting, employment, favouritism and/or representation with any industry professional involved. Any agreements performers make with casting directors, agents or other industry people outside of The Delta Collective events are considered wholly disconnected from the original booking and should be treated as such.

It is the attendee’s responsibility to take the necessary, common sense personal safety precautions when agreeing to meet any industry person for whatever reason outside of The Delta Collective events.

Terms and Conditions

You must provide evidence that you meet our membership criteria in order to attend our events and workshops - this is because our workshops are designed for professional actors who have completed significant work or training, and will not be suitable or relevant for actors who are beginning their journey into the industry.

The Delta Collective reserves the right to cancel a registration if the participant does not meet the eligibility requirements described as follows:

You must have 

1) A Spotlight page


2a) Evidence of regular, ongoing training for a minimum of one year at a UK tertiary drama school, film school or specialised institution for your area;
or at a part time drama school such as Identity School of Acting;
or with the National Youth Theatre, Royal Court, or other recognisable UK theatre.


2b) Recognisable professional credits (please note this does not include: student films or short films, web series, music videos, commercials, am dram, fringe theatre, rehearsed readings)

Please note:

  • Scene Study session bundles (three or more sessions paid for in advance) are valid until 31st December of the calendar year in which they were purchased, are not refundable and DO NOT roll over into the following year. Reminders are sent out weekly for classes and there are normally upwards of 50 sessions to choose from in a year. Please try to remember that Scene Study is a collaborative, not for profit event, and the cost charged is to cover room hire only - we do not make any money from Scene Study, and often operate at a loss for the good of the room. 

  • It is the attendee’s responsibility to prove the above through the Membership Form which will be emailed to all attendees as a part of the booking process. The Pay Pal receipt automatically sent after payment should NOT be considered as acceptance by The Delta Collective.

  • The booking will be considered incomplete unless the above information from the performer is received and acknowledged by The Delta Collective. If attendees have not done this and miss the deadline for the event, no refund is available nor will the booking be transferred to a future event.

  • Unless otherwise informed The Delta Collective will send all confirmations, venue details and scenes to the e-mail address from which the Pay Pal payment came. If any event is missed as a result of the performer not informing The Delta Collective of the relevant, alternative e-mail address, such payment should be considered non-refundable and bookings will not be transferred to future events.

  • If The Delta Collective is obliged to cancel a session due to the illness or sudden unavailability of the tutor or host, the performer has the one-time option to either receive a refund, transfer or credit. This is not a rolling offer and therefore should be considered carefully before deciding whether to accept a rebook date.

  • The Delta Collective does not give any compensation for situations outside of their control e.g. Illness, (be that of the performer or family member), adverse weather conditions; industrial dispute; airport shutdowns; flight cancellations; railway closures, delays or strikes; terrorist activity; natural disaster; nuclear disaster; fire, war or threat of war; riots; civil unrest; or similar situations.

  • Travel costs incurred by the actor are NOT the responsibility of The Delta Collective, this should always be borne in mind when travelling from a great distance.

  • Any performer wishing to ‘sell on’ their space on an event MUST contact The Delta Collective first and get the replacement attendee approved fully;

  • Any swaps without the prior consent of The Delta Collective will be considered invalid and no compensation will be offered when the replacement attendee attempts to enter the event and is denied access.

  • No one other than the attendee listed on the booking will be given entry to an event. There are no spectator or audit spaces unless specified by The Delta Collective, nor are family members, friends or guests permitted entry.

  • Filming or recording of any The Delta Collective event is explicitly denied. Anyone found doing so will have their device confiscated, the media removed and will be banned from future events;

  • All scenes supplied by Casting Directors or any material by any industry professional within a The Delta Collective event should be considered to be for the eyes of the recipient ONLY and not be shared to third-parties nor should it be discussed, posted, intimated to or photographed and shared for the purposes of social media, this also extends to private messaging;

  • Attendees are responsible for checking the accuracy of the information during the registration and should report any errors or mistakes as soon as possible;

  • The Delta Collective reserves the right to refuse entry and deny reimbursements in case of abusive behaviour, physical and psychological threats, drunk or disrespectful attitude and/or where it is suspected that the performer is under the influence of drugs.

  • It is the attendee’s responsibility to collect and keep with them, all personal property throughout the entirety of the event. The Delta Collective will not be deemed responsible for any losses incurred during an event.

  • The Delta Collective does not recommend any Jewellery or other valuables be worn while performing. Appropriate clothing to be worn in each event.

  • There is a processing fee included in the final payment made on any transactions via Pay Pal. Performers are welcome to ask for bank details for direct transfer but should bear in mind until cleared payment is received and acknowledged, the event should not be deemed to be booked and secured.

  • Fees for events vary because they are dependent on the fee to the industry professional, venue and associated costs.

  • Kindly note, where an event is reduced in price subsequent to that originally advertised and a booking takes place, the price difference will be applied and given as a credit which can be attributed to any future event with prior notification of the intended booking.

  • All sales are final.


Except in the case of Scene Study, to cancel your place on any event, notice of cancellation MUST be given via email to deltacollectivelondon@gmail.com and should not be considered to have been received UNLESS and until a response is returned by The Delta Collective confirming acknowledgement of cancellation or change.

The following terms are non-negotiable regardless of the reason for cancellation:

  • Cancellations and transfers up to 14 working days prior to the start of the event will receive a full refund minus a 10% administration fee;

  • Cancellations and transfers from 14 – 5 working days prior to the start of the event will receive a full refund minus a 15% administrative fee;

  • Cancellations and transfers between 3 – 4 working days prior to the event will receive a full refund minus a 50% administrative fee;

  • Cancellations 3 working days or less prior to the event will not receive any reimbursement at all;

  • Name transfers on your place in the workshop/event can only take place up to 3 full working days before the event. After that no transfer is available;

  • Credits are only available at the discretion of The Delta Collective;

  • No refund will be made for non-attendance on the course regardless of reason.