Workshops - Autumn/Winter 2017


7th November 7-10pm and 14th November 7-10pm

This challenging, insightful, and highly practical introduction to verbatim theatre takes place over two Tuesday evenings - you will finish with the skeleton of a new verbatim work, ready to be developed and expanded. Suitable for actors, writers, and directors.

  • Session one will cover key practitioners and methods; discussing topics; interviewing skills; and creating a plan for your verbatim piece.
  • In session two, you will reconvene to begin to colour in the characters of your piece; play with form, structure and style; and perform a short scratch piece to the group and receive notes to go on with.

This workshop will focus closely on tailored feedback for each person - you will come away with confidence and inspiration.

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Tutor Polly Jordan in an actress and theatre maker - she holds a BA in Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York, where she specialised in verbatim theatre. Whilst studying she was awarded a first class honours for her debut verbatim play SPIT, surrounding issues of lad culture and sexual harassment in universities. 

Her next verbatim project, ISLANDS, is currently in the research and development stage. Assistant directing work includes INVINCIBLE (National Tour) and NOT ABOUT HEROES (Sout Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell).

She has also worked extensively as an actress. Credits include: TRESPASS (National Tour), BLITHE SPIRIT (Swansea Grand Theatre and Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne), WHITE FEATHER BOXER (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford and tour) and BLOOD + CHOCOLATE (York Theatre Royal).


18th November 10am-5pm and 25th November 10am-5pm

Have you ever been told by a teacher or coach that you are “pushing” or “reaching”? Do you ever feel like you are manufacturing or faking emotions on stage? 

This powerful, intense workshop is designed to help you to re-engage with your body to find the purest form of their energy, and infuse their performances with deep, genuine emotion. 

Ségolène is an exciting young practitioner whose method is deeply rooted in functionality and health - she is passionate about massage, calisthenics/gymnastics, and body conditioning. 

In order to rebuild your body and reconnect with your energy, you will use movement methods like animal flow and ensemble work whilst exploring spacial & physical awareness. The physical approach to performance allows you to condition your body to find primal and essential energy that helps recenter the soul and reconnect with emotions; and how we perceive, experience, relate to them. And ultimately, find out how to perform them with purity and honesty.


Ségolène Scheuer trained with theatre company Les Enfants de la Comédie. During her time as an MA student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Birkbeck, University of London, Ségolène developed a fascination for movement: she combines her Commedia, Lecoq, Grotowksi, Alexander and Laban background with calisthenics, animal flow and release work to allow theatre practitioners to learn how to prepare the body for performance.


29th November 10am-2pm

This isn't any old audition surgery - we are going to plonk you right into the thick of it with a true-to-life mock audition with a working casting director. 

How will it work? Just like the real thing! You will receive sides a few days before the workshop and be asked to fully prepare them how you see fit. You will receive a timeslot and have to arrive, register, and perform just as you would for any screen audition. 

And then, the twist. When everyone has had their slot, you will reconvene as a group, debrief, and watch all the performances back. Our casting director will give general advice, and then each auditionee will receive detailed feedback, and you can take your tape home to study it further.  You will have the valuable experience of seeing how your performance stands out in a group, how to tackle the inevitable nerves and self-doubt, and get a screen audition with a casting director under your belt. 

Before casting director Ben Cogan began working freelance, he worked for the BBC for 15 years, casting 225 episodes of Eastenders, 345 episodes of Doctors, and 183 episodes of Casualty. We're bad at maths, but he's given countless numbers of young actors their first professional jobs. He describes himself as bombastically passionate about working with actors and says it's his happy place. See Ben's IMDB page here. 



2nd December 10am-5pm

“Butoh means not to move, but to be moved, not to dance, but to allow the body to be danced.” 

Butoh is a form of dance and movement that emerged in post-war Japan, turning away from Western styles like ballet - Butoh is a more primal, grounded, earthbound style, translating from its early name, ankoku buto, literally "dance of darkness".

With its emphasis on groundedness, inner life, imagination, and focus, Butoh is a perfect practice for actors to supplement their craft. 

Throughout this evocative and inspiring workshop, Antonia will use Butoh choreography to help you recognise how the body can create images to convey a story to an audience and how to infuse text into the imaginative mind and body.

You will explore how useful Butoh techniques are in helping the actor develop and explore a character in this particular Eastern way which may be different to using traditional Western methods of study. You will benefit from discovering increased focus, relaxation and centeredness, and be inspired by using your body to create images you never thought possible. 

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Antonia Kleopa graduated with a BA (Hons) Acting degree from Arts University Bournemouth. Her passion lies in physical theatre and whilst studying, she was introduced to Japanese Butoh Dance which had a huge impact on her and opened her mind mentally and physically to the possibilities of incorporating this style of movement in the actor's practice. Antonia is interested in physical fitness and how it increases the performer's strength in mind and body, and bolsters their motivation. 


9th December 10am-5pm

This is a magical 6 hour workshop created to help you negotiate the mental downward spiral that can encroach upon your creativity. You will laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing, and you'll laugh some more. 

The wonderful thing is that we already have the inner resources needed to get out of any funk and propel ourselves to success - Sophie's job will be simply to show you effective and transformative ways to tap into them.

Whatever your creative practice, these methods aim to help you alleviate creative blocks and will stem from two main areas: improvisation & visualisation.

Via writing, drawing, sound and movement, Sophie will take you through a series of exercises that she has found helpful, that you can experiment with and adapt, with the aim being to send you on your way feeling confidant in yourself and your ability to overcome self doubt.

You will leave with the inspiration to be your own teacher, and the mental freedom to fly off in search of creative joy.

Sophie Reid is a vibrant, successful young actress who was nominated for best breakthrough and heralded by Roger Ebert film magazine as giving one of the most "unforgettable performances at SXSW”, Sophie has earned international acclaim as one of Screen Internationals "Stars of Tomorrow” for her portrayal of 'Vagabond Musician', Sinaloa in Jason Courtland's ‘Barracuda'.

Prior to this Sophie featured in Bill Condon’s 'Beauty&The Beast', 'Game of Thrones' & John Tiffany’s ‘Once’. 

Sophie is a born & bred Brightonian who graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2012. Musician, actress, poet and writer, her current projects include an all-female web documentary and her first album.

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